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JO-MAR Industries, Incorporated is pleased to announce the acquisition of Quantik Global.

Quantik Global offers a line of cutting-edge heat induction treatment systems, specifically designed to withstand rigorous and high output uses. Quantik Global’s equipment is advantageous for the large corperation which demands efficiency! Axles, cams, gears, and shafts are just some of the products able to be heat treated using the revolutionary technology developed by Quantik Global, Inc. and JO-MAR Industries, Inc. Quantik Global scanners offer superior performance in even the most demanding environments.

Quantik Global superior scanning equipment has now passed the research and development stages since creation. Testing continues--but these products are available for purchase.

For more information on the products, scanners, and services offered by Quantik Global Incorporated, please contact any member of the JO-MAR Industries team. You may also visit the official Quantik Global website displayed below.

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